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Nurturing Entrepreneurial Mindset

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Mindset or attitude is a unique lens on the world through which you see and explore life, a perspective depends on what you see, think, and believe.

It’s internal and gets shaped by yourself, your circumstances (education, financial political and social) and other people’s perceptions and expectations (family, friends, teachers, employers). You can shape how you see the world and how world sees you.

Entrepreneurship is really not a fate, yet a capability, and it's not limited to just about starting a company.

We all are Entrepreneurs. An Entrepreneurial Mindset is a way of thinking that empowers you to address obstacles, be decisive, and acknowledge obligation irrespective of the result.

It is a constant need to improve your abilities, learn from your errors, and take continuous action on your ideas.

Here are the few characteristic of an entrepreneurial mindset -

Opportunity Seeker

One who actively observes, identifies the situations, solves the problems through innovative solutions

Growth mindset

One who believe that intelligence can be developed and a constant learner

Learn from failure

Failure is the fuel to work again learning from past


Always ask and try to find answers and seek new ways of learning