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Design Thinking Game

Design thinking is a powerful tool that can help you approach problem-solving more creatively and effectively. By learning how to think like a designer, you'll be able to identify opportunities for innovation and come up with unique solutions to complex challenges. At Skilleit, we believe that everyone has the potential to be a design thinker, and we're committed to providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to succeed.


One of our most exciting offerings is DT PRO. We've poured our hearts and souls into it, gleaning insights from our time during Harvard Business School's Design Thinking & Innovation certification and our practical adventures.


We can't wait for you to play and experience the joy and excitement!

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Embark on a creative journey where innovation and strategy converge in DT PRO, a dynamic game designed to cultivate a deep understanding of user personas and customer journeys. The objective is to harness design thinking principles to address challenges and craft user-centric solutions.


Game Engagement:

Each game box accommodates 4 players per table, engaging in 4 rounds of immersive exploration.


Round 1: Persona Pioneers

Participants master the art of creating user personas, gaining insights into fictional users' needs, behaviors, and motivations to lay the foundation for user-centric solutions.


Round 2: Journey Mapper

Players strategically map the customer journey using happy and sad emoji cards, aiming to identify pain points and enhance the overall user experience.


Round 3: Journey Insights

Teams collaborate to explore the user persona and customer journey of a chosen start-up, identifying pain points and crafting innovative solutions.


Round 4: Journey Dynamics

Players create a dynamic journey map, using role-play to understand and improve the customer experience. The key takeaway highlights that analyzing customer journeys enhances processes and services, improving overall brand image and fostering customer retention.

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Ready to earn your badge of honor? If you've played the game,
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