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Institute Innovation Council: “Integrated Approach for Holistic Outcomes through Quarterly Activity”

institution innovation council activities

The Innovation Institute Council's (IIC) integrated approach is driven by a passion for unleashing the boundless potential of innovation. At the core of this approach lies a carefully designed quarterly calendar and activities that seamlessly intertwine to create a powerful ecosystem of ingenuity and collaboration. Each quarter brings a distinct focus, igniting the spark of creativity among students, faculty, and researchers. From ideation workshops and hackathons to collaborative projects with industry partners, the activities are thoughtfully curated to provide a diverse and enriching experience. The integration of these activities ensures a continuous flow of ideas and knowledge, fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and game-changing solutions are born. Through this innovative framework, the Institution's Innovation Council stands as a beacon of inspiration, nurturing the entrepreneurship culture among the institutes and students of trailblazers and revolutionizing the way to approach problem-solving and progress.

Innovation is the driving force behind progress and development in the modern world. Recognizing the need to foster a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship among students, the Ministry of Education, Government of India, initiated the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC). This visionary initiative aims to create an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, encourages problem-solving, and empowers the next generation of thinkers and doers. In this blog, we will delve into the four types of activities conducted by IIC, each contributing to nurturing entrepreneurship among students.

Innovation Institute Council (IIC)'s Quarterly Activities-

IIC Calendar Activity:

The IIC Calendar Activity forms the backbone of the Institution's Innovation Council. It comprises a meticulously planned schedule of events, workshops, competitions, and initiatives spread throughout the academic year. The objective is to ensure continuous engagement and provide students with ample opportunities to explore their innovative potential.

The IIC Calendar Activity involves:

  • Ideation Sessions: Brainstorming sessions where students are encouraged to generate creative solutions to real-world problems.

  • Hackathons: Intensive events where teams collaborate to develop innovative solutions within a time-constrained environment.

  • Design Thinking Workshops: Empowering students to approach problem-solving from a human-centric perspective, understanding the needs of end-users.

  • Expert Talks and Webinars: Inviting industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and innovators to share their insights and experiences with the students.

  • Innovation Competitions: Challenging students to present their innovative ideas and prototypes, fostering healthy competition.

The IIC Calendar Activity ensures that students are consistently engaged in activities that inspire innovation, sharpen critical thinking skills, and lay the groundwork for entrepreneurship.

MIC Driven Activity:

MIC-driven activities refer to initiatives and projects that are spearheaded and facilitated by the Ministry of Innovation Cell (MIC). The MIC is an initiative by the Government of India to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education institutions across the country. It collaborates with institutions, faculty members, and students to drive various activities that foster innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

The MIC Driven Activity involves:

  • Encouraging Participation: The MIC motivates students and faculty members to actively participate in IIC activities and tap into their creative potential.

  • Mentorship: Providing guidance and mentorship to students with innovative ideas, helping them refine their concepts and explore practical implementation.

  • Collaborations: Forging partnerships with industry experts, start-up incubators, and research organizations to create a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

  • Integration with Academics: Ensuring seamless integration of IIC activities with the academic curriculum, reinforcing the importance of innovation in education.

The dedicated efforts of the MIC are instrumental in making IIC an integral part of the institution's culture and driving its success.

Celebration Activity:

Celebration is an essential aspect of the Institution's Innovation Council, as it recognizes and rewards the efforts and achievements of the participants. The Celebration Activity serves as a platform to showcase innovative projects, honour winners of competitions, and acknowledge the contributions of all stakeholders.

The Celebration Activity involves:

  • Award Ceremonies: Recognizing and rewarding the winners of various innovation competitions and hackathons.

  • Project Showcases: Exhibiting prototypes and innovative projects developed during workshops and events.

  • Appreciation: Acknowledging outstanding student innovators, mentors, and industry partners for their significant contributions.

  • Inspiration: Inviting renowned innovators and entrepreneurs as guest speakers to motivate and inspire the student community.

The Celebration Activity instils a sense of pride in the participants and serves as a catalyst for further innovation and creativity.

iic calendar 2023

Self-Driven Activity:

Self-driven activities are to be driven independently by the institutes themselves. Self-driven activity refers to an initiative or project that is initiated, organized, and executed independently by the students or members of the council. It is student-led and an independent effort driven by the participants' creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm, with limited external intervention.

The Self-Driven involves:

  • Independent Projects: Encouraging students to work on innovative projects outside the regular IIC activities, exploring their interests.

  • Team Collaboration: Facilitating teamwork among like-minded peers to collectively pursue their innovative aspirations.

  • Resource Access: Leveraging institutional resources and facilities to support self-driven projects.

  • Mentorship Opportunities: Connect students with faculty mentors and industry experts for guidance.

The Self-Driven Activity cultivates a sense of ownership and entrepreneurship among students, fostering a proactive approach towards innovation and problem-solving.

Team Skilleit will be glad to help you in conducting IIC activities. Please reach us through the links: Fill out the form or Chat with us.

Nurturing Innovators through Diverse Event Themes

It provides a platform for them to explore various event themes that encompass Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Research and Development (R&D), Entrepreneurship, Startups, Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Incubation. These themes offer a holistic approach to honing students' skills, encouraging creativity, and empowering them to become successful innovators and entrepreneurs. Let's delve into each event theme in detail:

1. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR):

Event Theme: "Shielding Innovation: Unleashing Creativity Responsibly"

The IPR event theme aims to familiarize students with the significance of protecting intellectual assets. Workshops and seminars conducted under this theme shed light on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Students learn about the process of acquiring IPR and the ethical aspects of responsible innovation. The event theme also includes interactive sessions on conducting patent searches and understanding infringement issues. Participants are encouraged to identify innovative ideas and creations that deserve protection, fostering a culture of responsible innovation.

2. Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation:

Event Theme: "From Ideas to Impact: Fostering a Research-Driven Culture"

The R&D and Innovation theme focus on igniting the spirit of research-driven innovation among students. Workshops and guest lectures highlight the importance of research in the innovation process and its impact on society. Students are encouraged to undertake small research projects and explore the world of data analysis and experimentation. The event theme promotes collaboration with faculty mentors and research experts, providing students with valuable insights into formulating and executing impactful research.

3. Entrepreneurship and Startup:

Event Theme: "Ideate, Innovate, Implement The Entrepreneurial Journey"

The Entrepreneurship and Startup theme aims to inspire and equip students to become successful entrepreneurs. Boot camps, business plan competitions, and mentorship sessions are conducted under this theme. Participants learn about ideation, market analysis, customer validation, funding strategies, and scaling their ventures. Esteemed entrepreneurs share their success stories, offering valuable tips and lessons learned from their entrepreneurial journey. The event theme fosters a culture of innovation and risk-taking, encouraging students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

iic self driven activities

4. Design Thinking & Critical Thinking:

Event Theme: "Empathy, Ideation, and Insight: Unleashing Creative Problem-Solvers"

The Design Thinking & Critical Thinking event theme focuses on developing students' problem-solving and creativity skills. Workshops and hands-on exercises guide participants through the principles of Design Thinking, emphasizing empathy and human-centricity in finding solutions. Additionally, Critical Thinking workshops enhance students' analytical abilities, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and approach challenges with clarity and insight. This event theme nurtures innovative minds capable of tackling complex problems with ingenuity.

5. Incubation and Pre-Incubation:

Event Theme: "Incubating Dreams: Cultivating Startup Success"

The Incubation and Pre-Incubation theme offers students insights into the startup ecosystem and the benefits of incubation. Workshops on idea validation, prototyping, and pitching are conducted to help students develop viable startup ideas. Participants learn about the support and resources provided by incubation centres, fostering a culture of experimentation and risk-taking. The event theme also introduces students to the pre-incubation phase, where they receive guidance in shaping their ideas before entering the incubation stage.


The Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) is a groundbreaking initiative that equips students with the tools and opportunities to become innovative thinkers and change-makers. Through the IIC Calendar Activity, students engage in a diverse range of innovation-oriented events, while the MIC Driven Activity ensures effective coordination and integration within the institution. The Celebration Activity recognizes and celebrates the achievements of participants, and the Self-Driven Activity empowers students to take charge of their innovative pursuits.

Together, these four types of activities within the IIC create a dynamic and thriving innovation ecosystem, encouraging students to think beyond boundaries, tackle real-world challenges, and contribute to the advancement of society as a whole. As the IIC continues to inspire and nurture young minds, it paves the way for a brighter and more innovative future. All the activities are now classified into four levels with a duration of 2 to 18 hours. We will discuss more about the levels in our next blog.

Team Skilleit will be glad to help you in conducting IIC activities. Please reach us through the links: Fill out the form or Chat with us.

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