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An Innovation & Design Thinking Game

When it comes to innovation, it's all about seeing things from a fresh angle and getting creative with how we solve problems. Plus, it's a total game-changer for education, giving students the chance to really flex their brain muscles and tackle gnarly challenges. And it's not just about fancy tech or futuristic gadgets - innovation can come from anywhere!


That's where SCAMPER comes in - it's a totally groovy technique for thinking outside the box and coming up with radical new solutions.


And what better way to get your innovative juices flowing than with a totally rad card game that's all about using SCAMPER to tackle a real-life case study from the folks at McDonald's? it's hands-on innovation at its finest!

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Scam the Idea is an engaging and innovative game that encourages creative thinking through the application of the Scamper technique.



Scam the Idea empowers players to learn and apply the Scamper technique, integrate real-world insights, and cultivate effective teamwork.


Game Setup:

Each game box accommodates 4 players on 1 table, 2 players will play as a team against other 2 players.


Round 1 - Idea Spark: Scamper & Tinker

In this round, players lay the foundation for their creative journey.


Round 2 - Mac'D Mastery: Card Fusion

This round focuses on combining Mac'D cards strategically to create winning combinations.


Round 3 - Insight Ignite: Task Trek

Teams dive into specific tasks, igniting innovative ideas and applying them creatively.


Round 4 - Idea Integration: Innovation Apex

The final round emphasizes the integration of ideas into existing products or industries, reaching the apex of innovation.

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