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Programs On - Design Thinking, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startup.

For Colleges and Schools through our Innovative and Engaging Games. 

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Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

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32 hour Program for GNIOT (NOIDA) Training Partner for “Grant Thornton”

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Innovation Ambassador Training, AICTE HQ, Delhi

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School Innovation Ambassador Program

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Royal Institute of Management, Bhutan

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International Gaming Event, Singapore

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Mizoram University, Mizoram

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BML Munjal University, Gurgaon

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University of West London, Dubai

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36 hour Design Thinking Program for Chitkara University
Training Partner for “Ernst and Young”

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Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai

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University of Cape Town, South Africa

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Great Lakes college of Management, Gurgaon

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Innovation Ambassador Training, Punjab

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MIET, Jammu

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NSUT, Delhi

and more.... 

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