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Lean Canvas Game

Don't let your genius ideas stay stuck in your head. The key is to transform your vision into a tangible masterpiece, so it can be shared with the world. In the past, this meant slaving over a business plan for weeks on end. But why suffer when you can play?


The Lean Canvas and Business Model Canvas are the ultimate tools for brainstorming, all condensed on one fun-filled page. With 9 blocks of pure business bliss, you'll navigate through logical steps with ease. These tools can help you make better decisions, identify potential risks, and adjust your strategy as needed. So why wait?


Get ready to embark on an epic adventure where the fun and learning never stops! We've transformed the 9 blocks of Canvas into a thrilling puzzle game. So, come join us on this wild ride!

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Embark on a strategic journey with Canvas Pro, a card game

exploring lean canvas and startup dynamics. Teams compete to complete canvases, facing challenges and seizing opportunities, fostering practical insights into lean canvas and business model canvas application.


Game Engagement:

Each game box accommodates 4 players, and engage them in 3 game rounds of immersive exploration.


Round 1: Canvas Go

Players strategically collect canvas cards and coins to arrange a complete set of ten cards, which makes a lean canvas, in color-wise order while accumulating the highest total points. Objective is to know about 9 elements of Lean Canvas Customer Segment, Problem, Solution, Key Resource, Unique Value Proposition, Unfair Advantage, Channels, Cost Structure, Revenue Streams & understand how to design a clear and robust success pathway.


Round 2: Canvas Pro

Each player to strategically complete their canvas based on the lean canvas of one of the four startups: Tesla, Airbnb, Uber, and YouTube. Players must navigate challenges, utilize pivot cards, and accumulate points for a chance to be the first to complete their canvas or secure victory by points.


Round 3: BMC Think, Pair, Share

This round efficiently utilizes the Think, Pair, Share approach to delve into marketplace intricacies, Airbnb's two-sided business model as a case study.

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Ready to earn your badge of honor? If you've played the game,
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If you have yet to play, feel free to contact us to purchase the game kits.

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