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Funding Ladder

Start-up Funding Game

Startups are like superheroes with big dreams to save the world! They're always up for shaking things, smashing problems, and inventing new ways to make life easier. But, let's be real, it takes a lot of cash to make these grand ideas a reality!


Investing in research, technology, hiring amazing talent, and getting the word out there is no easy feat. That's why funding is like a magic potion for these ambitious startups. It gives them the power to grow, expand, and take on the competition like a boss!


Get ready to roll the dice and climb the ladder to startup success with our latest invention: Funding Ladder! This epic board game is a mashup of the classic Snake and Ladder game and the thrilling world of startup funding.

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Funding Ladder is a groundbreaking board game that combines the thrill of Snake and Ladder with the dynamic world of start-up funding.

Start by assembling the jigsaw-like board, then strategically navigate funding rounds, challenges, and opportunities.


Game Engagement:

Each game box accommodates 4 players per table, engaging in 3 rounds of immersive exploration.


Round 1: Jigsaw Challenge

Establish dominance as the Maker team by swiftly arranging the Funding Ladder board in the limited time available. The challenge is to complete the task with efficiency, outpacing the Breaker team's disruptions, within the specified timeframe.


Round 2: Funding Funda

Navigate the Funding ladder board, marked with startup funding stages, valuations, and shareholdings. As you ascend, strategically manage your resources and avoid snake bites triggered by mistakes in your startup journey. The goal is to reach the pinnacle of Stage 100 with both players of your team while accumulating the highest valuation and coin holdings. Precision, strategy, and prudent decision-making will lead your team to victory in this Funding Funda.


Round 3: Founder’s Delight

Founder's Delight provides an immersive experience for both teams to understand the dynamics of startup funding, pitch creation, and the negotiation process between founders and investors.

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