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Demystifying Entrepreneurship

We are all Entrepreneurs: It is a mindset not only business.

What is the first thought ring a bell when you think about the term "Entrepreneurship” and the attribute of an Entrepreneur.

Is it someone who starts a business or a start-up?

Is it someone who is a visionary, insightful and Innovative?

Is it someone who has daring, aggressiveness, who is persuasive or astute?

Fundamentally someone who has the characteristics of a “Legend?”

This portrayal is just, incompletely right? We all are Entrepreneurs. We are completely brought into the world with the intrinsic capacity to endure, and endurance includes innovative reasoning.

Being an entrepreneur is fundamentally about being a problem solver with the constrained assets and accomplishing something that has not been done previously, so as to accomplish an alluring objective or result. An entrepreneur has a vision to solve a problem and a determination to accomplish her (or his) dream with constrained resources. In other words, it means conceptualising on an idea, structuring activities and channelising the limited resources available towards the goal.

Howard Stevenson said:

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.”

This is, perhaps, the most profound definition of entrepreneurship.

The right encouragement, motivation, determination and the right mental attitude are defining factors in nurturing entrepreneurship. With these qualities, risk will not seem a bogey, but a challenge.

We live in the fast changing digitally connected global village, having multiple problems and also opportunities in abundance. Our world needs people with entrepreneurial mindset who believe in solving the problems and bringing positive impact in community and creating wealth for society at large. The new breed of entrepreneurs haven broken all the barriers and stereotype with now having no bar on age, gender , cast or creed. They are the real change makers, making our world a better place.

So let's demystify our minds and Be an entrepreneur, Be a change maker !

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