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A Problem Statement Game

What is the problem? Who has the problem? When does the problem occur? Why is the problem? and more...

Let's get to the root of the issue! These are just a few vital pieces

to crack the code of problem-solving.

PSPRO is the perfect tool to guide you through the process.

With this tool, you'll be able to identify the problem, create a clear

problem statement, and develop a plan of action to solve the issue.

So, why wait? Start using PSPRO today and see the difference

it can make in your problem-solving skills!

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PS PRO embarks on a thrilling strategy game that allows the players to grasp and craft a Startup Problem Statement with fun and excitement.



PS PRO aims to teach players how to craft impactful problem statements for any start-up idea, fostering analytical and innovative thinking.


Game Setup:

Each game box accommodates 4 players on 1 table who compete against each other in Rounds 1 and 2, then collaborate as a team in Round 3. Round 4 team is based on players' ideas.


Round 1: Sequence Showdown:

Race to complete a numerical sequence using cards, setting the groundwork for problem-solving challenges.


Round 2: Statement Strategy:

Master statement cards and strategic counters to build cohesive statements, refining analytical abilities.


Round 3: Problem Solvers Unite:

Collaborate, propose solutions, and innovate in teams, gaining hands-on experience in tackling start-up challenges.


Round 4: Start-Up Innovation Challenge:

Transform entrepreneurial concepts into practical problem statements and inventive solutions, enhancing critical and creative thinking.

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Ready to earn your badge of honor? If you've played the game,
take the quiz and claim your certificate!

If you have yet to play, feel free to contact us to purchase the game kits.

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