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Harshi M
Kristu Jayanti College, Banglore

 It was a really interesting fun game
Also learned new concepts. I was excited for this game as it was a unique one, To be honest when I heard about the startup game, I thought what it would exactly be ,how we'll play when to start?, Will I be able to play or not? Then, 
I forwarded this message to my friend who is interested in gaming, Then today while playing at the beginning, no problem was there it was just that I was wondering what will b the questions and how to play it how to score good scores, after all we all know that winning is not important but participating is.

Tarun Parmar
Student, MBA,
Fortune Institute of International Business. New Delhi

According to me one person learns at all level and what I experienced about game is the learning along with the fun. As, it helped me to go through the aspects of the business stage , their problems and their solutions. Overall it was a new and a good experience.

Sherely Gracia
Kristu Jayanti College, Banglore

It was awesome playing the game .
We got to know what are the stages in setting up a company, the troubles we need to face in each stage we go through, the competition we have in setting up a company and finally we will be in a stage to set a company successfully
One suggestion, change the timing for each and every player, make it less
Thank you for giving us this opportunity to know more about start up. Really enjoyed.

Bhavana N
Kristu Jayanti College, Banglore

 I had a good experience with the game.

I learnt some terms for startup businesses. Thank you 

Ajay Kumar
Kristu Jayanti College, Banglore

The game was fun, and it is original game  as well , I really enjoyed the game. But in terms of player communication it can be improved. this game is suppose to be a team game but I found difficult to communicate with others. 

Niraj Pahwa
Kristu Jayanti College, Banglore

It was nice playing the game really interesting