Entrepreneurship education empowers young people to see the world as opportunity-rich, 

and to craft the lives they dream to live.

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Entrepreneurship Program for Colleges 

Enabling & Empowering Students to launch their Micro-Start-up

"HEURISTICS" program is powered with game-based learning, It develops an entrepreneurial mindset, 

enhances entrepreneurial and 21st-century skills, and empowers them to become one.

The program has been designed in line with the mission of 

MHRD's National Innovation & Start-up Policy 2019 & State's Startup Policies.

Start-up Journey


  • Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur

  • Concept of Design Thinking

  • Concept of Seeding of Ideas

  • Concept of Flowering of Ideas

  • The 13 stage journey

  • How to micro launch in 3 months

Seeding of Ideas


  • Seeding of Ideas

  • Define the problem statement

  • Assumptions v/s Facts

  • Flowering of Ideas

  • User perspective

  • Key elements of validation

  • Idea Validation

The Power of MVP

  • Define a problem statement

  • Learn to validate the idea

  • How to build a dream team

  • The secret of bootstrapping

  • Learn the art of networking

  • Define & build MVP

  • Go to market strategy

The Micro Launch

  • Problem statement & POC

  • Core skill & bootstrapping

  • Mentor perspective & networking

  • Define & build MVP

  • Lean Strategy 

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Test & validate product

  • Sustainable sales strategies

  • Prepare & present pitch deck

  • Get incubation & funding 

  • Simulate your start-up launch

 An intrapreneur is an employee within an organization who is responsible for turning an idea or vision

into a successful finished product.


Intrapreneurship Program for Colleges 

Upskilling students to create a value proposition for the employer 

"EDGE" program is a tool which develops an entrepreneurial mindset, enhances entrepreneurial and 21st-century skills,

and helps youth to become a valuable employee for an organisation.

Becoming an Intrapreneur
  • Intraprepreneruship to Employability  

  • Intrapreneurs CV 

  • Upskilling for a dream job

  • Enhancing the value proposition for an employer 

Going forward, we’ll need a generation of people who are hungry to learn

and eager to keep pace with the times.



Entrepreneurship & 21st Century Skills Program

for Schools

"LADDER" is a game-based program is a tool which develops an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century skills

in students to become the next generation of change-makers in their chosen career path.

  • Game-Based Entrepreneurship programs 

  • 21st Century Skill programs

Our Users 

Online Programs

  • BML Munjal University, Gurgaon

  • Galgotias University, Noida

  • Nirma University, Ahmedabad

  • IIHMR (Indian Institute of Health Management Research), Jaipur

  • SCDMC (Supply Chain Management Development Council), India

  • Indian International Teachers Association (IITA)

  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management

Onsite Programs

  • IIM Lucknow

  • IIM Kozhikode

  • MHRD's Innovation Cell

  • J K University, Jaipur

  • Ashoka University, Sonipat

  • NSUT, Delhi

  • EDII, Ahmedabad

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